2007/04a: Ask Me
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I’m currently a junior at the SavannahCollege of Art and Design with a major in interior design and a minor in sculpture. I just recently completed my first internship at a museum in Chicago doing exhibition design and now am looking for the next. Any ideas” I’m really interested in the fine arts and being apart of projects that surround such. (I, myself, am a painter, sculpture, photographer.) Where should I look for an internship” I’m just an artist trying to find my way in a professional world. Please help!

(submitted by K. Mitchell)

Thanks so much for writing. Yours is definitely a unique situation in that you landed a relatively unusual internship early on ” that’s great, though!

My first instinct would tell me to advise you to try to look towards the hospitality and retail industries, as opposed to, let”s say, the healthcare and corporate design fields. Hospitality and retail are definitely all about “selling” a product, service or experience, so emphasis on artistic license and experimentation with the integration of art is more accepted and valued.

Another idea that’s a little crazy: have you ever thought about multi-discipline firms that create theme parks and virtual experiences” I know that’s a little off the beaten path, but it might end up being right up your alley. Working with all types of artists, animators, architects, engineers, and computer programmers would be quite energizing. I know that they have to have some interior design needs ” they’d have to. Maybe you could ask around SCAD”s animation department for some contacts” This type of internship might require a little more legwork, but it could be quite rewarding.

I asked Jan Parker, M.S., FASID, IIDA, IDEC ” respected interior design educator at the Art Institute of Dallas Interior Design Program ” if she had any suggestions. GO HERE to see what Jan had to say.

I like the fact that you are thinking big and thinking non-traditionally, allowing your creativity to lead you down new paths. Keep this type of open mind, and no telling where you”ll end up. The best of luck on your artistic endeavors!