2007/04b: Ask Me
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I’m currently a junior at the SavannahCollege of Art and Design with a major in interior design and a minor in sculpture. I just recently completed my first internship at a museum in Chicago doing exhibition design and now am looking for the next. Any ideas” I’m really interested in the fine arts and being apart of projects that surround such. (I, myself, am a painter, sculpture, photographer.) Where should I look for an internship” I’m just an artist trying to find my way in a professional world. Please help!

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(This answer is in addition to the original one, which you can find HERE.)

Laura, your advice is right on the money. We have actually had a graduate work in theme park design. However, I think KhiraGrace would really enjoy Visual Merchandising ” i.e., window and display design. Think Neiman Marcus (downtown) here in Dallas or some of the big dogs (Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales) in New York City. To me, those are the most artistic jobs that can evolve from interior design education. Of course, there’s always Set Design if there is a local production/ballet company there in Savannah. She might even be able to splinter off into Costume Design.