2007/06: Ask Me
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I”m working on an interior design project, and I’m trying to find out what the printing techniques for various fabrics are. I just need to know what the modern printing techniques are for paisley, toile de Jouy, and chintz. It could either be copper roller, or screen printing, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Do you know of any possible websites that I could try”

(submitted by S. Blaauw of South Africa)

As an employee of Fiber-Seal, a company that protects, cleans, and maintains a wide variety of fine textiles in both the commercial and residential markets, I encounter printed fabrics every day.

Printing techniques have definitely evolved over the years, and, now, with new breakthroughs in digital printing technology occurring at an accelerated pace, it”s hard to keep up.

I did a bit of Googling and came up with the following links that should be useful to you:

Printing Techniques from the Toile de Jouy Museum

Textile Printing @ Wikipedia

Article: “The New Wave of Digital Fabric Printing Technology”

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