2007/11: Ask Me
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I am an interior designer with my own interior design business, which I started just before I graduated in 2004. I am small but growing steadily and have no employees at this time. Since I am a solo act with a 4-year degree, when do I qualify to take the NCIDQ” I know it is approximately 3,300 hours of work with a 4-year degree, but since my business is young, it is not a full-time business at this time. Can you provide me with some direction”

(submitted by Lisa S.)

With a 4-yr interior design degree (assuming the credit hours are there), a person needs 3,520 hours of experience. It does not matter to us how long it takes to get those hours. We recognize that people often work part-time or work for a year and then take time off and come back to it. So as long as it”s 3520, that”s good.

Check out the eligibility routes graphics [PDF] on our web site. If you worked during school, some of those hours may count toward your experience requirement. Since you have some hours in the “pipeline,” then you does not need to be concerned about the supervised work experience requirement going into effect in 2008.

Also, check the web site if you want to know what sort of documentation you should collect. You can look at a work verification form to see that.

And finally”. If you still have questions after reviewing everything, then call our customer service team at 202-721-0220. We”d be happy to help you sort it all out.