2008/08: Ask Me
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I received my ASID renewal invoice and, considering that I went to maybe two events last year, I’m wondering why I’m still a member. It seems that the only thing that keeps me shelling out half a paycheck per year to this organization is the thought of what a huge pain it was to become a member. I’m really doing graphics [for an interior design firm] now. I get all of the e-mails but nothing seems to catch my interest. I feel that P&C speaks more to my peer group, my graphic design eye, and is more representative of my voice as a designer (and it’s free!). I’d like your honest opinion – not as an ASID leader, but as a designer and friend. Is there really a reason for me to renew”

(submitted by B. B.)

I completely understand your hesitation, and I will try to present an objective stance. Of course, I am extremely flattered by your comments about P&C, but remember that P&C is nothing like a professional organization, though it certainly inspires a similar type of camaraderie between readers and contributors.

Although the advice that I’m going to provide you truly applies to any professional organization that you find yourself a member of, I’m obviously going to talk about some considerations specific to ASID.

So let’s look at some of the benefits of ASID membership in particular, combined with professional membership in general…

  • simply having a professional industry affiliation, period
  • simply supporting the profession of interior design in general
  • using the “ASID” or “Allied Member ASID” appellation after your name
  • using the ASID mark (Professional members only) on allowable materials
  • expanding your personal professional / industry knowledge via: ICON, ASID’s national magazine, Design Daily; ASID’s daily email newsletter compiled with the help of U.S. News & World Report; local and Chapter meetings, lectures, tours and continuing education offerings
  • networking & socializing with industry peers in person at meetings and conferences, as well as online via ASIDConnex.org, ASID’s newly launched networking community
  • accessing the latest industry research via ASID.org
  • accessing product & service information via the Industry Partners directory on ASID.org and/or local Industry Partners
  • having a free online business profile on ASID.org that’s searchable to any consumer looking for interior design services
  • being able to participate in national ASID design competitions
  • participating in Chapter-wide and local ASID-sponsored design competitions
  • participating in local events (such as monthly meetings, tours, charity projects, etc.)
  • receiving help working towards state interior design registration via discounts on the STEP program and other locally sponsored NCIDQ preparation offerings
  • connecting with Student Members / Faculty / ID programs in your area
  • being able to attend local Chapter events at a discount

Are any of these things valuable to you” It may all depend on where you see your career going. To be perfectly honest, keeping your ASID membership might not be the thing for you to do, especially if you really see yourself focusing completely on graphics and moving away from interior design.

As I see it, membership in any organization is not really about events – it’s simply about access: to a concentrated peer network, to industry resources, to education, to relevant events, etc. It brings all of these things to your doorstep, but what you decide to do with it is up to you. If you don’t find value in this access and these connections and feel that your career and future endeavors would not be helped by them, then I would recommend that you do not renew. However, if you feel that you either haven’t taken advantage of these things and/or might need to take advantage of them in the future, then I definitely would renew.