2008/10: Ask Me
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I am a young professional in the field in search for some up and coming design competitions. They can be anything interior design related. I am just looking for something to boost my portfolio and keep me inspired.

(submitted by Clarissa R.)

Clarissa, good for you for wanting to go the extra mile to expand your scope and set yourself apart. Believe me – it’ll pay off.

You’ve got good timing because Metropolis has just announced its 6th annual Next Generation® Competition. This year’s theme is “Fix Our Energy Addiction”. If you need a little motivation for your inspiration, the winner will receive the $10,000 seed money and will be featured in the magazine. The deadline is January 30, 2009, the online application is now available at Metropolis’ website.

Two of the better sites that I’ve found that list competitions are Bustler and Dexigner. Another place that lists competitions (and even archives them so that you can prepare for the next one) is Dezignare.

These are not necessarily interior design competitions, but if you are into graphic and industrial design, you might find some interesting things at DESIGN 21: Social Design Network. In fact, at the moment they are heavily promoting their Wood, Paper, Checkmark Competition and its companion project, Going With the Grain, which calls upon designers of all disciplines to create an object using a single sheet of sustainable, FSC-certified wood.

Two international sites promoting competitions that I’ve come across recently are Andreu World and Skuuma. And if you are in to pattern design, you be interested in Textile Republic. It’s not a competition per se, but if your design gets chosen, then you could make some money. Bonus!

The best of luck to you – I expect to see your name in the winners’ lists very soon!