2010/02: Ask Me
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Just a quick question about the career area of staging. I am thinking about earning a certificate in staging and redesign. First, is this a worthwhile certificate that will help me obtain a job” Second, if it is, can I earn a certificate from an online course with any hope of getting a job” I am currently a teacher and am thinking of making a career change.

(submitted by L. Parkinson)

Home Staging is a viable industry and business that provides an impressive income when built properly. There are professional Home Stagers throughout the U.S. that earn five to seven figures. With very little exception, these Home Stagers have been trained and educated in their field and know how to work with their target client.

The public asks about training and expects the person they work with to have specific knowledge related to getting a house prepared for sale. Realtors are one of the target audiences for a Home Stager, and because they value education, they look for someone with training and education when partnering with a Home Stager as well. Having ideas and talent is not enough ” a professional Home Stager needs to know what to do when the phone rings, how to handle a seller, how to price their services, how to market a business, and how to manage and maintain the business growth.

When considering training in Home Staging it is important to evaluate the various options. An Accreditation is the highest form of learning for the Home Staging industry and must come from a school. You can find courses that offer a certification and designation as well, and some offer all three.

My personal opinion on online courses is that they do not provide the opportunity for a student to interact and ask questions. In-person classes allow you to network with fellow students, and get real-time support and answers to your questions. The top courses for Home Staging are taught in a classroom setting for these reasons.

It”s not just about getting an outline to read ” it”s about interacting with a Trainer that has actually been successful in Staging and has real-life experience to share. With online courses you have no idea who is reviewing your “homework” or who is actually behind the company. The Accredited Staging Professional