2008/02: Letters to the Editor
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I’ve checked out your websites and am impressed. You have an amazing eye for distilling design matters and presenting them in an accessible, amusing fashion. You make keeping up with the design world a blast!
Lisa Barter, 3i Design, LLC

The article is great! We really feel honored that we are the first firm to be interviewed. Hopefully your readers will find the information insightful and helpful. I think you are providing a much needed and very much appreciated service. Keep up the fabulous work!

James Kenner, ASID – Vice President, Sawyer Design Associates

Thanks for the information [on the website]! It’s nice to find a place to get your questions answered and to hear of others experiences.
Melinda Scifres

I love your newsletters! They are great, and your mission statement just hits the nail right on the head.
Kimi Rutkin, FISH LIPS paper designs