2008/04: Letters to the Editor
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I love your Newsletter – thank you for a wonderful presentation and for your very insightful, inspirational and helpful information. I enjoy it each and every time.
Linda Welk, interior designer

Thank you so much for your response [March 2008 GO AHEAD…ASK ME]. In particular I was unaware that some of the programs I was considering were CIDA accredited and some weren’t. Your information was most helpful.

Jacob Liedkie

I came across your site and think it’s such a helpful tool for young and experienced designers! I am an Interior Designer in Dallas also and started a design blog with my friend Lauren, who is a kitchen and bath designer in Houston. I’ve noticed lately that there really aren’t too many Interior Design sites/blogs like yours and mine that are written out of Dallas. That’s why it’s so neat when I come across another Dallas person who also has such a passion for design! Lauren and I love to write about all things interiors so let us ever know if you ever need help with an article, we would love to contribute! Also, we could feature your site on our blog to let our readers know about Plinth and Chintz!
Emily Johnston

Your newsletter has only become better and better…what a service you are performing in so many areas for so many people! You are one creative group.
Sandy L.