Letters to the Editor
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Keep those comments and suggestions coming. RANT & RAVE by emailing us at contact@plinthandchintz.com.

Thank you for having the site that you have. It is a great resource for me and others to use. I currently have a newsletter that I am a president of, and I would like to use some of your topics to inform others on situations occurring in interior design. I will do my best to get more students visiting your website.
Laura Syth, Western Michigan University

I’d love to contribute. See my website for my bio and let me know if I can help. Great site by the way!
Rachel Simmons, Modern Design Diva

I so enjoy plinthandchintz – you have great stuff on there – makes me want to be a design student! Although it’s more of the random trivia that gets me hooked since I have no design background. Oh well, I’ll keep reading and soon become an expert!
Amy Langford

Just a quick question… Is your site a weblog or an actual website” If it is a weblog, which blog platform are you using” Is it a hosted or stand alone platform” I love the layout … it’s simple and easy to navigate through. I’m new to this and would like to start a blog (also in interior design), so I’m just doing some research and getting some tips.
Melissa C.

PLiNTH & CHiNTZ’s Response:

Thanks so much for the kind words – we do appreciate it.

P&C actually uses a CMS (content management system) called Mambo. My web guy initially set it up, but I do all of the updating via an interface that’s not too different than, say, Word. Here’s the Mambo website: mamboserver.com

I believe that there are many other CMS options out there. They’re good if you want to have lots and lots of content. Hope that helps!