Letters to the Editor
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I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your speech at Louisiana Tech University [March 27, 2008]. It was very informative. I love your e-mag too. Thanks for the wonderful information you provided us, and I hope you have great success!
Mari Demint, Louisiana Tech University

I enjoy the Plinth & Chintz newsletter and look forward to its arrival. I especially like the Design Speak, Say What” and What in the World” features.
Lou Bunnick, The Allentown Architectural Hardware Company

Thank you so very much for your expedient reply to my question [about software in the ID workplace]. Even given the inevitable changes in technology over time, this information truly helps a lot.
Kathleen Purchase

I absolutely enjoy your website and just now noticed that The Art Institute of Tucson is not on there. Is it possible to be added” We’re relatively new to Tucson but The Art Institutes are nationwide.
Tamara Birch – Career Service Advisor, The Art Institute of Tucson