Letters to the Editor
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I think [yours] is quite possibly the best mission statement I have ever read. Plus, it actually means something, unlike most of the overly wordy statements that are so common. Keep up the good (and funny) work.
Christina Zagorac

[The article you wrote about me] is great – you made me sound fabulous. You certainly are a great writer and a very entertaining person. And yes, the Krispy Kreme fried truly is delicious, but even better with chocolate sauce or caramel. Thank you again!

Lauriel Leonard, Allied ASID, NEWH, NKBA

I’m writing because I’m interested in getting on “The List” to be a Plinth & Chintz contributor (Go Ahead Ask Me; Ready for My Close Up…I love design, this website, and writing, so I’d be thrilled to contribute anything!). Let me know if I’m a fit for P&C!
Darlene Molnar

I enjoyed your Plinth & Chintz site – this was very interesting. Thanks for your prompt attention, and I look forward to talking with you.
Richard J. Manton, Vineyard Wine Cellars