Letters to the Editor
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Keep those comments and suggestions coming. RANT & RAVE by emailing us at contact@plinthandchintz.com

Your Plinth and Chintz online magazine is great for students and young designers. Keep up the good work!
Shirley Lo, ASID, LEED AP

Thanks for your great advice on so many different topics!

Sally Cruz, Student – Art Institute of Pittsburgh

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are an exchange of posts on asidconnex.org, the online community for ASID members. We found the first post very amusing.

Karan Justus Anton, ASID: There is a monthly newsletter that I receive called PLINTH & CHINTZ. Although it is a stupid name for a news magazine, I think this is one of the best publications I’ve seen for students and new graduates.

Janelle Steinberg, Allied Member ASID: That is a good resource. I think it’s a great name. Plinth is the architectural, Chintz is the decorative…a perfect combo for Interior Design.

P&C Founder, Laura McDonald Stewart, ASID: Thank you for the praise, guys! I do my best to give students and emerging designers as much of the inside scoop about this crazy, diverse industry of ours as possible. (Basically, anything that I wish I would have known before getting out into the workforce.) I completely understand your comments about the name, but you are correct in that I wanted to relay how our profession is both architectural and decorative in nature. Plus, I wanted it to be memorable. There is a sea of resources out there with the word "design" (or some derivation) in the title, and I wanted P&C to stand out. (I am amazed, however, how many men cannot pronounce it. Seriously – it seems to be a male problem. Very odd.) I would appreciate your spreading the word about P&C to any students or emerging designer that you know!

Jon Blunt, ASID: Laura, It must be the men that you know. I have never had a problem pronouncing Plinth and Chintz. I would have a hard time saying it 10 times fast, but why would you need to do that. Anyway, thanks for your hard work on this publication. I have learned things and found some great connections in your newsletter. Keep up the great work.