Letters to the Editor
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For the past year and a half I’ve been on my own, finding good news to share and helping share it around the world of sustainability. I really like the post that went up from Courtney Branham on how having a job is part of sustainability – couldn’t agree more, especially perhaps for young designers who are just starting out, full of excitement and creative ideas, and who are being especially hard hit in this economy.
Caleb Ludwick

I am an interior designer in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and I was wondering about reprinting your NCIDQ article in our local association newsletter. Our association PIDIM (Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba) is a chapter of IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and I am the current NCIDQ council member. I love your website and would like to include a little blurb to potential NCIDQ candidates describing your website, giving them the link and then using this article as an example of the wonderful information you provide. I look forward to your response, keep up the great work!

Kimberly Jean, BID – Professional Interior Designer

I haven’t heard you publicly speak, but I am an addict to your plintz and chintz newsletters so I know you have to be great at it.

Denise Piaschyk