Letters to the Editor
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I just have to say that the more I look at P&C, the more I click! I have been all over the website and other sites today! Wonderful links, indeed! Great references in every nook and cranny on your site. I think this will be my “cup of coffee” read and on my “to do” list everyday. I will be ordering books from Amazon and will go through your site as an affiliate. Promise! Looking forward to future publications. Best of everything in 2010.
Marci Calantonio

Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. I love the article! You did a great job with the introduction. I’ve gotten some very positive feedback already, thanks so much for the opportunity.
Lisa Garza Armstrong, LEED AP

Thank you again for the opportunity to contribute to the site, which definitely fills a void in our industry.
Alana Villanueva – dallasDECORUM blogger

I am a Toronto-based interior designer, and I am a regular reader and supporter of your blog. I recently started up my own business that focuses on online-based interior design services. It’s a concept that hasn’t taken off yet, but I think has the potential to do really well. My target market is basically anyone who isn’t willing to spend $80-$150+ on a designer…. not that they aren’t worth it, but I just wanted to appeal to more people. With such a huge popularity for DIY and home decor, I wanted to appeal to a different range of clients. Cheers!
Melissa Condotta