Letters to the Editor
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Since we now have Readers, we now have comments! Make us even more joyful by submitting your Rants & Raves to contact@plinthandchintz.com. Even though the following comments are positive, we can take criticism too – but only if it’s constructive. Call us names and shame on you. Anything nasty you say bounces off us and sticks on you.

I’ve had the opportunity now to review more of your e-zine. The trade stories section is going to be wonderful. These will make the profession much more human to a beginner, and everybody loves stories. It made me feel like I was in the lunchroom at a large firm, in other words, more connected to the real profession.
Your efforts have already gone around the world. I was sent the Plinth and Chintz link by a fellow student in Austria. I live in Tampa, FL. The link has also been sent to other design students in Belgium, and New Zealand, Canada and many US states. We are enrolled in an international ID program that is distance education, based in London, England with US office in Boston. We give your Plinth and Chintz a hearty thumbs up! Congrats, we love it.
Sheree Schold, student of Rhodec International 

Thanks so much for your efforts with the newsletter. Here’s to your continued success!
Sherry Wood, Architectural & Design Liaison – Wilson Office Interiors 

Thank you for forwarding the Inaugural Newsletter. I will enjoy and will look forward to your up coming issues. I am an Interior Designer with no job. This may be just what I need to get myself motivated. Thanks!
Jody V.

Just wanted to say that I think your newsletter will be a big hit! I had a friend forward your website to me and I signed up right away. I will be graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas come December, and I will definitely look forward to receiving your information and keeping myself up-to-date… and, I love the name!! Best of luck with the success of your new venture!
Holly, student of Art Institute of Dallas 

Hi! I signed up on your website to support you because I think this is a GREAT thing! I do have quite a few friends in the business and I am giving them your website. I wish you the BEST of luck!!!

Stacy C.

Hello! I just wanted to say that your website thus far is so cute (love the colors and name!), and I can’t wait until the first newsletter. I am a beginning interior designer…. still on the job hunt so I hope that your website will be helpful in finding great places to work. Best of luck!
K. Payne

What a great concept! I am very excited for you. This seems to be a very logical and needed resource for students. Congrats!
Jeff Fulbright, Fulbright & Company 

Great idea! Utilizing a ’round table’ type discussion via internet is always useful – for student and professionals alike. Keep me posted.
Amy S.

Congrats on the 1st issue! I hope you do well since the industry could use a little tongue in cheek self critical inside scoop. As you get established it would be interesting to do a survey question in each issue. A simple yes/no vote box would be good to check the pulse of your readers (and my students). Also it appears you are trying to reinforce the idea that interior design is not interior decoration, or at least I trust you are. I am so over being mistaken for a [TV] decorator that I could scream. Thanks again and best wishes.
Professor Mike Dudek, Kansas State University 

You have a great website. Please keep up the good work.
E. Bocanegra

You did an excellent job with the website! [PLiNTH & CHiNTZ] sounds like a great resource for students as well as a great place to learn what the field really is all about. I know that when I first started [college] I was clueless and had a lot of self-learning ahead of me. It is good that you are starting something that will take some of that guesswork out. I am sooo excited to be a part! I read through some of the information within the site, and found it to be very beneficial. I particularly like the part that gave tips on how to overcome shyness at large functions. I am very shy when it comes to meeting new people, and there were a couple pointers I think I might try next time I have an overwhelming function to attend. I think it is a great resource!
Holly Cavey, student of University of North Texas 

Congrats on the launch! I am officially a member, and I love the site. The opening page is very groovy. Very plinth. Very chintz.

Debra B.