non sequitur
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(pronounced nahn-SEH-kweh-ter)

You know how you’ll be in a social or business setting, actively engaged in a topic of conversation with others, and then one person will utter a statement that has absolutely no apparent relationship or logical progression to the chat session’s context” That’s a non sequitur. It may happen because 1) the person has been daydreaming and has lost track of the conversation; 2) the person has completely misunderstood the details being discussed; or 3) the person has been silently performing ingenious mental gymnastics and is five steps ahead of everyone else.

Example: As project manager, Jill cringed when her young team member threw out a wild non sequitur in front of the developer during their weekly project meeting; however, once elaborated upon, it turned out to be a viable solution to their hotly debated problem.