Arc-Com SiPro
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Arc-Com, the 40+ year-old manufacturer of innovative and high performance textile products for the corporate, hospitality, healthcare and institutional markets, announces the introduction of SiPro™ (pronounced sigh-pro), their 100% silicone coated fabric product. Santorini is the first of many

Just When We Thought We Knew Lighting - image by CoeLux
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For more than 20 years in the electronics industry, much of this author’s lighting experience has been with video, particularly in projecting light for video reproduction. Within those experiences came increasing commitment and familiarity with lighting control and shading. Within the

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Passing the NCIDQ Exam may seem like a long and winding road, but we're here to help you navigate the most common roadblocks that are keeping you from where you want to go. Do you feel like studying today?

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution
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The New Year brings in a ritual that we may have done numerous times in our life: Making resolutions. Whether you have a list this year or have totally given up on resolutions, it still helps to know

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Develop Your NCIDQ Practicum Test Day Game Plan
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Passing the NCIDQ Exam begins with solid preparation and a consistent training schedule. At Qpractice we run you through drills that both our members and we ourselves have used to increase our speed, performance and test scores. With

How To Study For NCIDQ's IDFX
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This is the first year that new interior design graduates can take a section of the NCIDQ Exam, and it is a terrific opportunity. Passing the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) is a great way to distinguish yourself