The Student Lounge Podcast
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The Student Lounge is the definitive podcast for the next generation of budding interior designers. They are entirely run by a national network of students who are seeking answers to the big questions about interior design: what does

Student Mentoring: A Win-Win Situation
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Interior designers, do you want an excuse to get out of your office, see some new products, and make some new industry contacts, all while allowing students a sneak peek into their future careers? Then sign on for

WELL AP - International WELL Building Institute
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If you are practicing in the fields of interior design or architecture, then you are intimately familiar with the LEED AP credential, but have you heard of Developed in collaboration with the To become a WELL AP, all

Reinventing Your Interior Design Business: Ideas to Keep Business Flowing When the Market Changes
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Diversifying your interior design business staves off dry spells and keeps you in business during tougher times whether a slow month or two each year or a multi-year drought. You can diversify by changing the way you look

2014 Gensler Academic Scholarships
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Gensler is committed to the education of emerging design talent, and they have awarded nearly $200,000 in academic scholarships to students and graduates over the last 15 years. Be sure to take advantage of the following 2014 Gensler

Your Career Journey – Education is the Foundation
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While future designers all across the country are returning to the classroom, they are not the only designers who need to think about education. Lifelong learning is critical to the success of an interior designer. Designers need to

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Every good story shares a basic structure and answers the fundamental questions of who, what, when, where, why and how. It's not complicated, yet many of us fail to include these details when asked to tell our stories.

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As a college educator at The Art Institute of Dallas, a campus of South University, it can often be frustrating working with freshman who have "decorating" on the brain when they start their first year of school. At

Education + Experience = Success
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Spring break is just around the corner with summer soon to follow. This is not just wishful thinking to help you survive the winter; this is a fact. So while time is still on your side, start thinking

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Did you ever think about just using change as a reason to move your business forward or to a new level? There is no doubt that businesses have faced a lot of change over the past several years.