Embrace Opportunities for Change
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Did you ever think about just using change as a reason to move your business forward or to a new level? There is no doubt that businesses have faced a lot of change over the past several years. There is no way that all of the change we have experienced will correct itself and return to what we considered normal or business as usual. Change is just that: change – the act of becoming different. Rather than waiting hopelessly for normal, or whatever you were used to, to come back, a wiser strategy would be to use these changes to move forward.

As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. You can either deal with change or the stress from it may drive you crazy. Well, maybe not totally crazy, but stress is known to cause physical and mental problems like headaches, upset stomach, sleepless nights and depression. Who wants that?

There are myriad ways you can address change without endangering your personal health or mental stability. Think about implementing one or two of these strategies to keep change from getting the best of you:

Adapt to technological changes.

We all know that technology is changing constantly at an extremely rapid pace. Buy a new computer, tablet or smart phone so you can work faster and smarter, virtually. Research new software programs and applications that will help you provide new services to your customers and increase your productivity.

What is going on politically that provides business opportunities for you?

What bills are being passed nationally or locally that might affect your business or your customers? How can you adapt them to help your company move in a new direction or grow? Can you take advantage of new programs or grants that become available?

Identify opportunities to expand your product line or services.

New products and services will expand your menu of ways to increase revenue by addressing new needs related to changes. Services or products that no one else in your industry offers makes your company special. Customers will pay more for something they can’t get anywhere else.

Invest in education for yourself or your staff.

Provide training to increase the value of each employee. Enhance the skills they can use to bring more value to your company and your customers. Help make them more productive.

Look for new markets.

Look for new markets ideal for any new products or services, created as a result of recent changes. More customers = more revenue = financial growth.

What new opportunities are opening up?

What new opportunities are opening up in the sustainable arena that you can capitalize on?

One skill that all successful business owners and managers must have is the ability to adapt to change. Change is all around us, coming at us from all directions, everyday. Some change we adapt to quickly and easily. Other, major changes demand that we divert our current direction or create new strategies. One thing is for certain: change isn’t going away anytime soon.

Change can provide new opportunities, so be on the lookout for them. Continuing to do everything the same way over and over just results in getting stuck in a rut. You know what they say about ruts; they are nothing more than graves with the ends kicked out. Look for ways to adapt to change in your industry, the economy, technology, society at large and political arenas. Some changes you can control, others you can”t, but don”t fear change, embrace it.

This article first appeared on Maurer Consulting Group”s “Designing Strategies” Blog on October 13, 2013, and was published here with their permission. If you would like to provide feedback to them on this article or access more articles related to business strategies for the design industry, visit maurerconsultinggroup.com/blog. You’ll be glad you did.