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In our first issue, we warned you that the design industry is filled with unusual brand names. We also warned you that manufacturers tend to bind themselves to one another to form alliances under umbrella companies to offer a wider variety of products useful to specifiers. October 2004’s manufacturer spotlight falls in line with both of those statements. Let us introduce you to TRI-KES Wallcovering Source.


TRI-KES is a leading innovator and distributor of commercial wallcoverings and coatings. The company is a member of the strategic Wallcovering Source alliance, which is made up of TRI-KES, D.L. Couch and Eykon, three of the largest commercial wallcovering distributors in the United States. The Wallcovering Source exclusively distributes its own brand, Source One, nationally as well as Cirqa, Genre, Lanark and XQUEST. In addition, TRI-KES distributes a variety of wallcoverings and coatings in various regions, including Len-Tex, Plexus, Sincol, Symphony, Terrapointe, Versa, York and Zolatone Interior Finishes.

“TRI-KES is known for extremely responsive, exceptional service,” said Stacey Elder of TRI-KES Wallcovering Source. “We don’t believe in automated phone systems or artificial relationships. Our business is making sure our customers’ projects are successful, so it requires a personal relationship and a personal touch. It’s prompt and reliable service, along with a superior product, that has thousands of customers discovering our friendlier, more client-focused approach. It’s all a part of the TRI-KES promise – because at TRI-KES, you’re covered.”

from Source One

Chroma, from the Source One Exclusive Collection, is a new pattern is available in 11 fashionable colors ranging from cream and chocolate to hibiscus and kiwi. Chroma and other Source One wallcovering designs are developed by Bob Lehrmitt and Sharon Drinkwine. This husband and wife design team is known throughout the architecture and design community for offering unique wallcovering designs inspired by their travels. By utilizing their “mobile design unit” they often journey to Asia and other exotic locales where they find many inspirations for their designs. The idea for Chroma, however, originated right in their own kitchen.

Lehrmitt and Drinkwine strive to maintain a balance between work and play. “We are firm believers that delicious food fuels the creative fire,” said Lehrmitt. “As such, we not only allow but encourage cooking during office hours. One of our assistants makes the most wonderful chocolate sauce. The luscious texture and shine of the melting chocolate served as the inspiration for Chroma.”

The creativity of the Source One design team is also illustrated by its unique product packaging. For example, the Chroma tip card includes a recipe for its chocolate inspiration: “Melt 1/2 cup of butter in a double boiler. Add one 5.33-ounce can of evaporated milk, 2 1/2 cups of un-sifted powdered sugar and 6 ounces of high quality unsweetened chocolate. Cook 30 minutes or until the chocolate melts. Remove from heat. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and stir vigorously. Serve warm, over ice cream. Keep the remainder in the fridge. Visit it regularly with a spoon.”

from Cirqa

An idea so visionary it heralds an era all its own for interior design. The Radius Collection from Cirqa is a portfolio of exquisitely designed wallcoverings conceived with the creative genius that could only come from the Cirqa Design Studio. Named for the innovative cylindrical tool used in the creation process, each pattern in Radius features richly embossed relief of handmade caliber and metallic luster that brilliantly plays with the light in interior spaces of all kinds. With a vivid array of patterns and hues, unmatched in their luster and finish, the Radius Collection will change the way you think about vertical surfaces. Radius from Cirqa. Join the Revolution.

Design Studio
from Lanark

Lanark, the performance brand, released the Lanark Design Studio, an updateable collection of unique, highly-styled, coordinated 54” grounds, mid-scale prints, and large-scale prints. The collection is perfectly suited for markets such as hospitality and healthcare. All patterns feature TEF3 top coating and either 100% polyester osnaburg or non-woven backing.

A few highlights from the collection include:

  • Soho – A new herringbone, a traditional weave moved into a contemporary position. A masculine design with a difference.
  • Merlot – A fine antique scroll taken from lining fabric found in early 17th century Frock coats of that period.
  • Reni – An all-over texture inspired by ground fabrics normally used as a base for heavy embroidery for furnishing.

For more information about TRI-KES Wallcovering Source and its product offering, visit www.tri-kes.com.

And now back to PLiNTH & CHiNTZ. Many thanks to TRI-KES’s own Stacey Elder whose contributions made this feature possible.

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