2006/10: Ask Me
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I recently saw a question on your site regarding the NCIDQ. I have a very unusual case in which I attended a four year, FIDER program for 4 years and worked in both residential and commercial design firms under an NCIDQ certified designer for the amount of time required, yet there was one little thing ” there was one non-design related course I had to take after my design coursework while I was still working full time. So these overlapped. Now I have completed by degree and have 2 years of experience, but I am afraid I might have to wait another year in order for it to be consecutive” My question is that if I go ahead and apply for the Q, is there a panel that decides whether or not I get to take it” I think that if someone were to review my application they would realize that I am qualified to sit for the exam. Do I have any chance at all” I feel like I have more than adequate education and experience, but I want to know how “cut-and-dry” the process is and if I would even have a chance of being able to take the exam now”I really want to be certified as soon as possible. Thanks!

(submitted by Lindsey B.)

Whenever you have a question regarding eligibility, please feel free to call NCIDQ [National Council for Interior Design Qualification] at (202) 721-0220. We are unable to “pre-approve” an application on the phone or in advance, but we can provide guidance so that you can better understand the requirements that may apply to your situation. All exam applicants must meet the criteria in effect at the time they apply for the NCIDQ Examination. Exceptions are not made on a case-by-case basis.

With respect to your situation, it sounds like you may already be eligible. We have a small window of opportunity that allows a person whose education may have been completed after their experience to take the exam. The policy reads: “…Applicants applying before January 1, 2007 with acceptable education and experience may take the examination, regardless of the order in which each was obtained.&quot

I’d recommend getting your application right away so that it can be reviewed for eligibility while this window is still open. Remember that all applications must be complete before they can be reviewed. An application is not considered complete untilall the pieces (forms, payment, transcripts, recommendations, etc.) are in our office. You will want to allow enough time for us to receive it, review it, advise you of any missing pieces that need to be completed (and allow yourself time to respond, if necessary) before the January 1 cut-off.

You can download the application package on our Web site at www.ncidq.org. Please be certain to read that document carefully and check with your state board or provincial association (if you live in a regulated jurisdiction) to see what their requirements are. Again, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions.