2008/06: Ask Me
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I am a first year student and would like some advice on what are the best magazines or publications/books that a student should subscribe to or read.

(submitted by Allison F.)

For a first-year student, a magazine with a broad range of interior design trends is most helpful. Interior Design magazine is a monthly publication loaded with great ideas for both residential and commercial design.
Though not a magazine, I would also recommend a free student membership to TODL.com (Trade Only Design Library, Inc.). This website is a great resource for furniture, fixtures, artwork, hardware, etc., and they send out multiple new product ideas one to two times a week.

Depending on where you live,a regional monthly magazine is a great resource for new and innovative restaurants, shops, hotels and museums in your area. I have a subscription to Chicago magazine, and I find it very helpful to see the newest and hottest places in the area. Another great resource for regional magazines are under the umbrella of the publisher Modern Luxury. Here you’ll find 13 city specific magazines!

In terms of books, the ones I found most helpful during school are the very big and thick Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning. This book covers residential and commercial standards and has a ton of graphics. I would advise joining a book club such as Architects & Designers Book Service to receive the book for free.

There are many specialties within the interior design community that offer their own publications, clubs and books as well. However, for a student, it’s best to stick with the basics to get exposed to the trends and products that cover a lot of markets.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We encourage professionals out there to donate their used publications to interior design programs so that students do not have to shell out a lot of cash to subscribe to design-focused magazines. In fact, P&C’s Founder donated hundreds of issues to Texas Christian University’s I.D. Department earlier this year, which was a win-win for her and students alike: she was able to clear some space on her office shelves and they can source more products and manufacturers while being inspired by design details.