2009/10: Ask Me
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I”m graduating in May 2010. I know it”s a tough job market out there so I want to try to get ahead of the game and learn as much as I can about the industry. Besides reading P&C (which I love!), what publications would recommend”

(submitted by Samantha S.)

Samantha, I”m going to build upon the answer to a similar question featured in the June 2008 issue of GO AHEAD”ASK ME, which was posed by a first-year design student and answered by interior designer Melina Garza.

You are a bit further along in your studies and understanding of the industry than that reader was, so you should be able to digest a little more detail when you explore trade magazines. Since I do not know what field of design you are leaning toward, I”m going to provide a rundown of publications in a variety of fields so that you can pick and choose. FYI: I”ve listed the fields in alphabetical order, and I”ve also listed the publications within those fields in alphabetical order.

Corporate & Institutional: Contract | Interiors & Sources
Healthcare: Healthcare Design
Hospitality: Boutique Design | Hospitality Design
Multi-family: Multi-Housing News
Real Estate & Development: Urban Land
Retail Design & Visual Merchandising: Display and Design Ideas
Residential: Dwell | Metropolitan Home | Modern Homes | Residential Design & Build

Some other publications that span design fields and disciplines include”

Furniture & Fabrics: Design Journal | Fabrics & Furnishings International
Multi-disciplinary: I.D. ” The International Design Magazine | Metropolis
Sustainable: eco-structure | GreenSource | P&C”s Eco Savvy section

Lastly, Fast Company often covers aspects of the business of design as it relates to corporate strategy and entrepreneurship, so I would recommend you pick that one up once in a while if possible.

I know that I have thrown a lot at you, and you obviously do not have time to read all of these consistently, but you will have time between now and graduation to explore at least one copy each of all of these valuable resources. Just take the time to do that, and you”ll be further ahead than most of your classmates. Plus, if no particular field is calling your name, then exploring all of these publications might just help you find a little more focus, which could definitely help you in your impending job search.

The best of luck to you!