drop match
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(pronounced DRAHP-mach)

Except for some murals and textures, designs for wallcoverings frequently have patterns, and the patterns have different repeats. A wallcovering’s specific pattern repeat will determine how it matches up across strips and will dictate how it should be installed in order to achieve the intended overall design. The simplest match is called “straight” (or “straight-across”), meaning that the pattern matches across the width of the wallcovering and the design elements/groupings match up on adjoining strips. In a drop match, the pattern alternates between adjacent strips, but there are different types of drop matches. For a half-drop match, you can think of it as a straight match split in half. In other words, the pattern on one strip matches half of a vertical repeat up or down from the one next to it, requiring three strips of wallpaper to repeat the vertical design. A multiple drop match is a little more complex in that it the match takes four or more strips of wallcovering before the vertical design is repeated. In either case, the staggering of the design elements/groupings draws the eye diagonally, creating an agreeable balance.

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