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salvo (pronounced SAL-voh)

As this word can also mean the simultaneous or rapid succession of multiple rounds of artillery, firearms, bombs or rockets, you can imagine that it’s a strong one. In the everyday language of business

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(pronounced sank-tuh-MO-nee-ess)

There’s something about the sound of this adjective that fits its definition perfectly: hypocritically pious or devout. In layman’s terms: Holier Than Thou.

Example: Sophie

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(pronounced sa(n)-FWAH)

The French term from which this developed - sang-froid — literally means “cold blood”. However, when you say that someone acts with “sangfroid” you are not saying they are cold-blooded. You really mean

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(pronounced sar-TOR-ree-uhl)

We love this fancy word. Even though it’s only an adjective describing anything relating to clothes – specifically tailored clothes – it just sounds so sophisticated.

Example: Julian, a textile designer,

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(pronounced sa-TEEN)

A type of fabric that is similar to satin but a bit more sturdy. Commonly used in bedding and to line drapery panels or outerwear, it has a glossy, silky surface texture.

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(pronounced SAT-er-nyne)

Do you remember

Example: Wilma’s increasingly saturnine demeanor made the weekly project meetings almost unbearable; therefore, after three months of co-worker complaints, Andrea not only pulled her from the project team,

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(pronounced SAV-wahr-FEHR)

We bet that you’ve seen this fairly common phrase a hundred times but have always wondered how to pronounce it and what it really meant. To boil it down, it’s a noun meaning