sound attenuation batts
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(pronounced SOWND eh-TEN-yeh-WAY-shun BATZ)

Otherwise known as SABs, sound attenuation batts are flexible, lightweight sheets of fiberglass insulation designed to control noise transmission between interior walls. Batts are typically manufactured 8’ long, between 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" thick and a little bit wider than typical stud spacing, which mostly eliminates the need for fasteners and makes installation within stud cavities easier and faster. SABs are easily cut to fit around obstructions such as pipes, outlets, wires, junction boxes, etc., which helps provide higher acoustical performance. When combined with certain practices – such as sealing wall perimeters and properly locating and installing doors, sidelights, switches, outlets, ducts, and mechanical equipment – acoustical performance can be significantly improved. As most SABs manufactured are made of materials that slow the spread of fire, they are considered noncombustible by most major building code authorities.