tight box syndrome
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(pronounced teyt bahks SIHN-drohm)

Where does the average American spend up to 90% of his or her time? Indoors living, working, learning and playing. Though many people are aware of some of the harmful chemicals found in outdoor air, many don’t realize that indoor pollutants can be higher and, therefore, even more injurious over time. Potential sources of indoor toxins include tobacco products, flame retardants, fuels (kerosene, etc.), molds, asbestos, and household cleaners, as well as household items, furniture and millwork made from materials that off-gas chemicals. Tight box syndrome is a term that describes the trapping of these pollutants inside buildings that are designed to curtail the amount of outdoor air that can escape into and out of it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], indoor air pollution is one of top five health issues facing Americans today.