Nancy Luna
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contributed by Amy Johnson [style dominatrix / idea machine / sidekick]

nancylunacorweb.jpgRecipe for a Fabulous Designer: Start with an accountant (no really, stay with me), add equal parts creativity, talent, and determination, throw in a dash of understanding husband, a BFA in Interior Design, and garnish with a great smile and loads of charm. Meet Nancy Luna ” the accountant-turned-interior designer who puts the “Star” in this month”s STAR POWER. Literally. She was on TV. But you”ll have to read on to find out more about that escapade.


As a kid, Nancy was always mentally redesigning rooms. When she was old enough to push the furniture around, she started redecorating her bedroom and then her family”s home. Then she became the go-to-gal for friends and family asking advice on paint and wallpaper choices. Art and fashion design were her first loves. But as she grew older, she began visiting her dad”s business and hanging out with his accountant. She showed Nancy how to fill in reports and figure payroll, and Nancy found that she was good at it. With Dad paying for college, she gave in to the pressure to get “a real, paying career,” got her business degree, and began her life as an accountant. An operations accountant, even. About as far as you can get from interior designer.