4 To Explore ? The Art of Storage
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4toexplore-storage-title.gifShelves are often a static, drab enterprise ? functional necessities required to hold and exhibit one?s objets d’art or books on art and design rather than acting as the design focal point themselves. However, as freelance journalist Alex Johnson has been showing us via his blog, Bookshelf, since 2007, modes of storage can be just as worthy of admiration as the items they contain. In his accompanying book, Bookshelf, published by Thames & Hudson in 2012, Johnson features over 300 photographs of these imaginative pieces from every corner of the world. Many are dynamic, several are ingenious, and some absolutely ridiculous, but each creation is sure to delight. After much angst-ridden decision making, we?ve chosen our four favorites to feature here.

4-shelves-wokmedia2.jpg 4-shelves-onunez2.jpg 4-shelves-ginepro2.jpg 4-shelves-dtormen2.jpg

01 | WOKmedia 02 | Oscar Nunez for fusca
Designers Wolfgang Kaeppner and Julie Mathias are commissioned globally for their art installations, but product design is also part of their repertoire. The Shanghai, China-based duo embraces the idea of reining in chaos, and their 270 cm (106.3 in) long, laser-cut stainless steel letter band titled ?Between Lines? can be shaped (and reshaped) to suit the end-user. Thanks to a black rubber coating, books are lovingly embraced by the same letters they contain. [Also listed in P&C?s WHAT THE SPEC” section.] What do designers do when they can?t find just the right piece for a project” Create it themselves. Oscar Nunez did just that for Cancun, Mexico-based fusca Architecture, Interiors & Design Studio with ?Comic,? the lacquered MDF form reminiscent of the thought bubbles found in comic strips and books. Watch where you hang it, though. Depending on where one is sitting, one might say more than he or she intended. [Also listed in P&C?s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]
4-shelves-wokmedia.jpg 4-shelves-onunez.jpg

03 | Studio Ginepro Design 04 | Dennys Tormen with Glauco Bernardes
As evidenced by Silvio Berlusconi and Memphis Design, the Italians clearly have a sense of humor. Studio Ginepro Design continues the tradition by finding inspiration for its furniture and lighting pieces in pop culture. The ?Puckman? bookcase by Alessandra Papazzo, one of the group?s most sought after creations, pays homage to Pac-Man, the beloved, instantly recognizable and ubiquitous 1980s arcade superstar. [Also listed in P&C?s WHAT THE SPEC” section.] Who says fun can?t also be responsible” Brazilian-based designer Dennys Tormen for one. He and fellow designer Glauco Bernardes used a laser cutter to shape hard pieces of material made from waste paper into their freestanding, cow-shaped Vaco bookshelf. In fact, the bold, bovine-inspired project earned them First Prize at the Brazilian Sustainable Design Competition. That?s nothing to moo at. [Also listed in P&C?s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]
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