2012/02: Ask Me
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I was looking for information on the costs to colleges of going through the process of and obtaining CIDA (formerly known as FIDER) [accreditation]. Having been employed in departments that included interior design at two large universities, I am familiar with FIDER and all of the arguments put forward [in this P&C article]. However, knowing who one of the icons and heroes of most designers is, I would like to ask this question regarding the NEED for CIDA accreditation (as well as lobbying state governments to force compliance): Did Frank Lloyd Wright graduate from a FIDER accredited school” Did Frank Lloyd Wright graduate from any school”

(submitted by Rodney C. Runyan, Ph.D. – Secretary, American Collegiate Retailing Association & Associate Professor of Retailing and Consumer Science, University of Tennessee)

There are several questions in this e-mail so allow me to address them one by one:

Costs associated with the CIDA Accreditation process can be found on the CIDA website at accredit-id.org under the Faculty/Programs tab.

The reasons for achieving CIDA accreditation are numerous. Of course Accreditation allows an institution to set themselves apart from those schools that are not accredited. However CIDA accreditation also promotes achievement of high academic standards, while making education more responsive to student and societal needs.

Accreditation requires a thorough review process for programs using quality standards established by the profession. CIDA”s accreditation process is thorough and focused solely on interior design programs that culminate in a professional-level degree. Interior design programs that voluntarily undertake the CIDA accreditation process demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and continual improvement.

Lastly, Frank Lloyd Wright did not graduate from a CIDA accredited program, neither did Sister Parish, Albert Hadley or Dorothy Draper. Not because they chose not to attend a CIDA Accredited school but because there was no CIDA in those times. CIDA has been in existence (formerly as FIDER) since the mid-1970’s.

I, however, did graduate from a CIDA Accredited school (Florida State University ” go Seminoles!) and chose that program because it was CIDA Accredited. As Chair of the Accreditation Commission for CIDA this year I would like to hear from the leaders of our industry to see who did graduate from a CIDA Accredited program and if that was a factor in choosing their institution. I can be reached at Joseph@JosephHittingerDesigns.com.