2008/03: Letters to the Editor
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I love your friendly concept of helping young, aspiring designers. Just wanted to give you guys the thumbs up!
Chris Obeji, Wallteriors

Thank you so much for the information [in February’s GO AHEAD…ASK ME]! It does make my choices sound a bit challenging, but I’m only 45, and I think I have a lot of good years left in me. I have always longed to return to school and expand my degree, and I do feel that there is a lot to still learn!

Melinda S.

I just found yall’s website. It seems pretty interesting but I must tell you – there is way too much to read and not enough pictures. I’m a senior in college and love the interior design field, although I am in marketing. I was trying to read into this site a little bit but got blown away but too much reading. I just wanted to let yall know it seems cool, but I think it would gain a lot more attention had there been more pictures & designs, since the point of the site is for design right”

PLiNTH & CHiNTZ’s Response:

Thanks so much for writing to us. We do appreciate your comments.

You are correct – there is a ton of information on our site, but that’s actually kind of the point. Our focus is the business / process / culture / people behind the designs, not the designs themselves, so that’s why we are so content heavy.

We try to provide the kind of information / perspective that you don’t find in the mainstream design media, who tend to focus on projects and products. We would love to include more images, but that 1) can be expensive to do (if using stock images), and 2) can be taxing to gather (if trying to get permissions from the manufacturers). Admittedly, we are a very small staff trying to do a big job, so we do what we can.

We do hope that you will find some valuable information as you dig deep into P&C, and we will keep your comments in mind as we continue to expand.