Letters to the Editor
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As usual, love the e-letter. Congrats on the accolade I saw in Perspective magazine….or was it Boutique” Regardless, I love when I read something and actually know someone!
Gina M. Joyce, IIDA

Great site. I recently interviewed a green interior designer for my vlog Careers Out There. My guest, Rachel Winokur, is a big fan of your site. It looks like a great resource for the people who will visit Rachel’s page so I gave you a link: If you think my site in general or the interview with Rachel specifically would be of any interest or help to your audience, I’d love if you would post a link to Careers Out There! Also, please feel free to share any insights in the Comments section that would help potential future interior designers.
Marc Luber

I’m a fan of Plinth & Chintz, and when I saw you here [on LinkedIn], I knew that I’d love to add you to my professional network.
Lena Blonsky

Thanks for touting my quilts [on the P&C Facebook Page]. It’s nice to see people appreciate my work. Cheers!
Luke Haynes

Luke, you are most welcome. We love what you do!