The Northern Biome Collection By Keilhauer
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contributed by Marilyn Maxim [manager, marketing & public relations for Keilhauer]

keilhauer-title.gifKeilhauer maintains its environmental tone while setting a modern trend with the release of its new Northern Biome Collection of premium contract textiles. With its design roots invoking the terrain of Canada, this timeless collection of eight designs in a broad range of fresh colors, provides style and performance, all while paying close attention to the family-owned company’s environmental mandate. Capturing the essence of what is stylistically important today, while capitalizing on nature’s design elements, the Northern Biome Collection comprises a carefully integrated palette of gorgeous textures and modern patterns to create a matrix of eight highly usable fabrics. The collection consists of small- and medium-sized patterns, and textural solids, in bright and neutral colors, all inspired by the flora and fauna indigenous to Canadian biomes, from which the names of the textiles and colors were derived.

The Collection

Steppe sets the collection’s tone with its tightly woven, stucco-like texture that works beautifully on any seating style. Available in 14 saturated colors, and woven of 100% Eco-Intelligent polyester, the appealing medium-scale texture makes Steppe the perfect solid color complement to other fabrics and finishes within an interior environment.

Montane inspires a modern aesthetic with recycled chenille. This modern version of chenille is sophisticatedly woven into a medium-scale stencil- like pattern to create a unique product that begs to be touched. Twelve color choices ensure this offering will effortlessly find its place in many environments.


Cordillera, with its inviting hand and subtle, highly refined weave, adds a solid color option to the many crepes on the market today. This colorful, highly saturated fabric is of the time yet timeless. Each one of the 14 available colors presents a companion or stand-alone option.

Mixed Woods offers a uniquely textured, arbor inspired pattern with an intriguing surface interest. The techno-nature duplexity of the weave combined with pattern bumps this textile into a realm of its own. Available in 12 enticing color combinations, its pleasing surface interest enhances the lines of any type of seating.


Boreal, its elegant linen-like appearance combined with its amazing heavy duty abrasion testing, adds distinction and grandeur to a hard wearing contract textile. Twelve European stylish colors pop this textile into a fashion forward option that can be used in absolutely any situation.

Cobblestone, a carefully orchestrated small-scale pattern in 10 colors, brings a touch of the classic gingham structure to a contract textural textile woven of recycled post-consumer polyester. The boucle yarn exposed only in the connecting squares of the pattern creates a visual interest as well as additional touch.


Ridge and Valley, two hard-working, coordinating, tiny scale, two-tone textiles complete the collection. Designed with budget and usability in mind, these textiles coordinate with each other and with all of Keilhauer’s knit-backs with common sense compatibility.

The Commitment

“The Northern Biome Collection continues Keilhauer’s commitment to address the needs of Keilhauer’s customers in regards to budget and wearability in ways that remain stylistically relevant and timeless,” said Jackie Maze, vice president of sales and marketing, Keilhauer. “When our customers choose our textiles, we want them to share our confidence that their choice will be exquisite and tasteful – and always durable.”  

keilhauer-northern_biome.jpgThe Northern Biome Collection of eight new textiles reflects Keilhauer’s ongoing environmental initiatives. All textiles are made with post-consumer recycled polyester, and are protected with GreenShield®, the only finish certified by Scientific Certification Systems as a low fluorocarbon treatment product. Steppe, a textured solid, is made with 100% Eco Intelligent® Polyester, which is the first true “technical nutrient” textile. (A “technical nutrient” is a material that remains in a closed-loop system of manufacture, re-use, and recovery, maintaining its value through many product life cycles.)

Keilhauer has always offered customers a solid cross-section of fabrics that are both beautiful and performance-oriented. The company applies the same principles to textile design as it does to the development of seating products. Simply stated, Keilhauer product is made to last. The Northern Biome Collection is constructed from the highest quality fibers available in today’s market. In keeping with the company’s “Planet Keilhauer” philosophy, recycled fibers have been used and the textiles are piece dyed to reduce waste. This collection is intentionally budget oriented and fits into Keilhauer’s Grade 1 and 2 grading scale – approximately $25 – $45 NET per yard. There is a one-year warranty on all Keilhauer textile products.

The Company

Founded in 1981, Keilhauer is a private, family-owned company that designs, engineers, and manufactures office seating, including task and executive chairs, lounge seating and complementary tables, side chairs, and stacking chairs. For more information, contact Keilhauer at 1-800-724-5665 or visit their website,