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Transition Period to Pass NCIDQ’s Written Multiple-Choice Exams Ends in 2013
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As previously announced, NCIDQ is phasing out the paper-and-pencil multiple-choice exams as the organization launches computer-based testing for two new multiple-choice sections of the NCIDQ Examination. The Section 3 Practicum exam is not changing and will continue to be administered in a paper-and-pencil format. The multiple-choice exams will be given only three more times in a paper-and-pencil format. After the fall 2013 administration, the multiple-choice sections will be delivered exclusively via computer at a network of testing centers across North America.

Those who have not passed both of the current paper-and-pencil multiple-choice sections by the end of 2013 must retake both of the new sections since the content will have shifted between the new sections of the exams.

Whether you are retaking a multiple-choice section you did not pass previously, or whether you are taking the multiple-choice exam(s) for the first time, you must pass both Section 1 (Codes, Building Systems, Construction Standards and Contract Administration) and Section 2 (Design Application, Project Coordination and Professional Practice) before the end of 2013. For those individuals who have not, their passing multiple-choice score will be voided and they will have to take both of the new sections on computer.

The next administration of the multiple-choice exams will be Friday, September 28. The deadline to register is August 7, although you can save $150 if you register by July 24.

CLICK HERE to access your account to register for the fall 2012 administration.

Will these changes affect you? CLICK HERE (PDF download) to use this flow chart to see how you be affected.

For more information on the transition to computer-delivery, click here. Complete information on the computer-based examination will be available online at this fall.


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