shop drawings
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(pronounced shahp DRAHW-ingz)

This term describes the very detailed drawings that a contractor, sub-contractor, manufacturer, millworker, or furniture fabricator prepares and submits to an interior designer, architect or structural engineer to explain how he plans to build what has been called out on construction documents or, in some cases, simple sketches. Shop drawings should show critical dimensions, joinery methods, materials, etc. – basically anything and everything that has an impact on the function and design of the element in consideration. They are a method of communication between designer and contractor that act as preventative medicine. In other words, they may take time and effort in the beginning, but ultimately they prevent hassle, lawsuits and budget overruns. Also, they allow for improvements upon the design. Many times, the fabricator will suggest alternative materials or methods than called out by the designer because of the knowledge base he has gained from years of accumulated experience.