Queen for a Day – A Romp Through Victorian San Francisco
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contributed by Amy Johnson [style dominatrix / idea machine / sidekick]

Gobble Gobble, my petite Cornish game hens! I”ve been off on yet another edu-taining adventure, and I can”t wait to fill you in on the Victorian side of life as I learned about it in that most fabulous City by the Bay, San Francisco. VSF.gifToday I”m chatting about a particular era and area of “The City” (as it”s known to all Northern Californians) ” the historic Victorian homes of Pacific Heights.


Let”s start with time and place. The Victorian era essentially ran from 1837 to 1901, and was named for Queen Victoria of Britain, who ruled during that period. This was the height of the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to the California Gold Rush, the city”s population swelled with fortune-seekers during the last half of the 1800″s, many of whom relocated to the city permanently. This influx of money and people eventually turned San Francisco into the major cultural, finance and banking center of the west coast ” and one of my favorite cities. The wealthiest and most prominent citizens of that period lived in the very lovely Pacific Heights neighborhood ” oh, and they still do.