Letters to the Editor
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Glad you got some recognition for the great work you do–yours is my "must read" when I can’t get to anything else in design. Thank you again!
Caryn Sobel

I browsed your site and was very impressed. You have some amazing information. Again, love what you do!

Tahra Lehman, Co-Owner – Terra Furnishings

Plinth & Chintz is a great resource. Good work. I didn’t know that a SCAD alum did P&C until Crystal Weaver told me when I was suggesting it to some students.
Deborah Brooks – Professor of Interior Design, Savannah College of Art & Design

I’m a designer, and I blog about art and interior design. I’d love to have an opportunity to contribute to Plinth and Chintz. If you’d like to see some samples of my writing on design, please visit my blog. I really like the work you are doing. Keep up the good work!
Tiffany Gholar