2020 PAVE Student Design Competition
2020 PAVE Student Design Competition
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2020 PAVE Student Design Competition

The PAVE Student Design Competition promotes “real world” design experience for college-level students interested in pursuing careers in the retail design industry. Students involved in retail planning, visual merchandising, interior design and branding programs are encouraged to participate in creating a dynamic design space for SketchUp. Students participating in the PAVE competition will demonstrate the will to innovate, redesign, and reinvent an actual retail design space.

The Requirements

This annual international competition is open exclusively to undergraduate college students involved in retail planning, design, visual merchandising, and branding programs. This year’s challenge SketchUp invites you to imagine an innovative brand experience for SketchUp.

The Technology

The role of technology in shaping design and architecture cannot be underestimated. This has become more evident during the current pandemic we are experiencing. Designers have been working from home in record numbers and we will see an increase in this trend. SketchUp is a tool which allows us to envision three-dimensional space in new and exciting ways.

The first 150 eligible students to submit their registration for the competition will receive a termed license for SketchUp Pro 2020.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to design a brand experience for SketchUp that will take the form of a pop-up space which must be adaptable, mobile and transformable and it can be located in different environments: a mall, a college campus, a park, etc. The goal is to develop a space which exploits the design potential that SketchUp offers, and leads to an increased number of SketchUp adopters.

The Pay Off

Prizes include grants to students and the winning students may even see their designs come to life. As a reminder, the competition is open to undergraduate students only.

  • First Place – $3,000
  • Second Place – $2,000
  • Third Place – $1,000
  • Honorable Mention – $500
  • Also, SketchUp licenses will be awarded.

**Prizes awarded to teams of two will be split between both team members

The Deadline

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2020.

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